Upcoming Class Registration at EWHS

Registration for the 2019-20 school year will begin in February.  

If you have questions about registration or individual classes, please contact your student’s counselor (see contact information below). 

Students new to the district should contact the counseling office (425-431-7915) to begin the enrollment process.

Below you will find information for class registration including requirements for graduation and a list/description of electives.  Students will begin registering for 2019-20 classes in the upcoming weeks.  Current 9-11th grade students will register online while incoming 8th graders will fill out a paper form.  Counselors will visit each public middle school to help students register.

The following is a link to the EWHS Counseling Page and several PowerPoint presentations regarding Graduation Requirements and Registration Guidance:  Registration and Graduation Requirements.  It is recommended that parents and students take a look at the registration information and go over the courses their student hopes to take in the upcoming year.  Making changes to classes once registration has closed is very difficult and may be impossible once the new year begins.  Students should think carefully about their choices and consult their counselor with any questions or concerns before registering for classes.

Elective Fair – Students will have an opportunity during their advisory to attend an elective fair.  The elective fair will take place the first week of February.  This is a great chance for students to discover which electives are offered and best fit their graduation needs and interests.  Please follow the link to read descriptions of the electives offered at EWHS.

EWHS Tech Prep Courses for College Credit – There are over 20 courses available to EWHS students which could help them earn college credits in high school.  Schedule an appointment with your counselor if you are interested in making a tech prep course part of your high school experience.

Counselors are assigned by last name and appointments can be made in the counseling office (425)431-7915 or by contacting the counselor directly via email.                                                                                                          A-Con      Rebecca Brennan;  BrennanR@edmonds.wednet.edu                                                                                        D-I            Alex Costumbrado;  costumbrador895@edmonds.wednet.edu                                                                        J-Mo         Molly Challman;  challmanm870@edmonds.wednet.edu                                                                                Mr-Sh      Evan Hatch;   HatchR@edmonds.wednet.edu                                                                                                            Si-Z           Jillian Wellington;  wellingtonj@edmonds.wednet.edu                                                                                        DHH         Jennifer Luce:  lucej@edmonds.wednet.edu

EWHS Curriculum Guide 2018-19

How to Register for Classes

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements – Powerpoint

Freshman Elective Introduction (Short video directed towards incoming Freshman and their elective choices)

Complete Elective Mall  (Follow the links on the left hand of the page to find out more about the electives available at EWHS)


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