College Entrance Practice Exams

The PSO sponsors several college entrance practice exams during the year.

  • StartUp Practice Exam:  This test combines questions from both the ACT and the redesigned SAT.  Test takers will experience both tests and get a feel for which test they may be better suited for.  This can be of great help to students as they apply to colleges, getting their highest score on the appropriate test.
  • SAT/ACT Practice Exams:  The SAT and ACT practice exams are full-length exams which closely follow the real exams.  Students can experience what it feels like to take the real exam, what the questions are like and how they might score on the exam.  The practice test scores are not official so are not visible to colleges.  Taking the full practice exams can be a great way to increase your score before taking the full real exam.

Please find future test dates in Upcoming Events.

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