ACT/SAT Practice Test Registration

Upcoming tests:  The ACT is November 18, 2017  – Cost of the test is $20, fee waivers are available.  Scores Back Session is November  at 6:30 pm in the EWHS Library, both tests will be covered at this session. 

Please use this Practice Test Registration when paying with PayPal.  This form will register you for the class.  You must pay the fee through the PayPal button on the top right.

Please use this ACT SAT Registration Form when paying with check/fee waiver and return the form w/payment or waiver to EWHS main office.

The Edmonds Woodway High School PSO and Princeton Review offer several college entrance practice tests throughout the school year.  These tests give students an opportunity to experience the tests, discover strengths and weaknesses and determine which test they may be most likely to perform well on.  Testing can be a stressful event for students, we hope that by taking the practice test beforehand, students will feel more confident and be more successful with when studying and taking their entrance exams.

The practice tests offered are fundraising events for the EWHS Parent Staff Organization.  The cost of the test is $20 for one practice test and $30 for both tests.  The fee* can be paid using the PayPal button on the right-hand side of our website or by writing a check.  Please fill out and return registration forms to the main office before the registration deadline.  Please label the envelope with your child’s name and the test they will be taking.  *Fee Waivers are available for eligible students.  Please print your completed registration form and have your counselor sign the back of the form for a fee waiver and return it to the main office.

General information about the ACT/SAT Practice Test –  The ACT or SAT practice test is an opportunity to get a feel for the official test without the score counting towards your college admissions.  In addition, it can give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses before taking the official test.  Allowing students to concentrate on those areas which need improvement. Taking a practice test also familiarizes you with the format and pace of the official test.  This can remove some of the anxiety surrounding the official test.  Taking the practice ACT/SAT is a great first step towards preparing for college applications and reaching your goals.

  • SAT – The SAT was recently revised.  In March 2016, the old SAT was replaced and the practice test your student takes will be the new revised test.  The new SAT is very similar to the ACT but does contain more math.  Sections include:  Evidence-based reading and writing, math and essay* (optional).
  • ACT –  The ACT includes sections on English, math, reading, science and essay* (optional).

*Some schools may require the essay, so it is recommended that all students take the essay portion of the test.  Choosing not to complete the essay portion could limit your options when applying to colleges.  If you decide to apply to a college that requires the essay but did not take it when you took your official SAT or ACT, you will need to take the entire test again to add the essay.  The essay portion does not factor into your composite score.  The essay will be offered when taking the practice test.

During the 2017/18 school year, the PSO will offer the ACT and SAT several times during the year.  In the past, the PSO offered both tests on the same day.  Since the Princeton Review is no longer offering the StartUp Practice Test, we will be offering the ACT and SAT on separate Saturdays.  This will allow students the opportunity to take both tests and see how the two scores compare and what test may be better suited to them.

*****It was recently been brought to our attention that Princeton Review only offers one practice test for the ACT and SAT.  Taking the same test multiple times is not recommended since the test questions will not change and the score will not be an accurate reflection of your possible test results.

ACT SAT Registration Form

Upcoming Tests:

ACT Practice Test:  November 18, 2017 – registration deadline is Wednesday, Nov. 15

Scores Back Session for both tests is November 30, 6:30pm EWHS Library