How does the EWHS Parent Staff Organization support our staff and students?

  • We provide grants to teachers and student groups for things not covered in the school budget – from materials to experiences.
  • The PSO, with Princeton Review, offers Practice ACT and SAT tests for students in the fall and spring.
  • We host Teacher Appreciation Luncheons four times during the school year to thank our great staff.
  • We host social opportunities for parent and EWHS administration/staff to engage in dialogue – Back to School Social at Brigid’s Bottleshop, Principal’s Coffee – First Friday of the month and Parent University
Become a Member:

Every family is a member of the PSO, there are no dues or fees.  In order to receive emails and update, you must officially become a member.  Please fill out the membership form to stay informed – Membership form

Upcoming Events:

May 20-31 – SBA Testing/Late Start Schedule                                                                                                                     May 23, 7 pm, The Dangers of Vaping, 7pm EW Great Hall                                                                                                      June 7, Principal’s Coffee 7:30-8:30 am, Theater Gallery                                                                                               June 15EWHS Graduation, 7pm EW Stadium                                                                                                                           June 1-26, Finals Schedule/Graduation/Snow Make-up Dates

Prevention Night:  The Dangers of Vaping
Get answers to all your questions about vaping and more…
May 23, 2019;  7-8:30pm;  EWHS Great Hall

What is vaping?  What do I look for?  What does the research say?
How do I talk to my child or teen about vaping?

Presented by Arti Patel, MPH, CHES Public Health and Education Director at Washington Poison Center with insights from Tara Previte, a former student in the Edmonds School District Washington Poison Center Health and Education Director Ari Patel will provide a comprehensive look at the research and dangers of vaping, as well as providing tools and resources for parents and guardians to have discussions with their children about the subject.  All EW and district parents/guardians are invited to attend.

Additional information:  CDC Teen Smoking and Tobacco Use


SBA Testing ScheduleMay 20- 23, 2018  All Sophomores, some Juniors/Seniors will participate in SBA Math and English testing.  All other students will have a late start on those dates.  May 24 is an early release day.  May 27 is Memorial Day/No school.  May 28-31 are altered schedules with Juniors taking WCAS Testing on May 29th.  Follow the link above to see the entire two week adjusted schedules.

Finals Schedule/Graduation/Snow Make-Up Dates – The addition of snow make-up dates has shifted finals for /Freshman/Sophomores/Juniors.  Seniors will take finals the week before graduation on June 15.

College and Career Instagram Pageewhscollegevisits – student-run page with all upcoming college/career events listed

Upcoming 2019 Official College Entrance Exams:                                                                                                                                   ACT – June 8;  July 13;  Sept. 14; Oct. 26;  Dec. 14; Feb. 8                                                                                                            SAT – June 1;  Aug. 24; Oct. 5; Nov. 2; Dec. 7

The EW PSO will not be offering an SAT/ACT Prep Course at EWHS this year.  There are several companies in the area offering courses – Mazor Test Prep Company,  Princeton Review,  Sandweiss Test Prep,  ACT/SAT Prep,  Seattle SAT Prep,

24 Credit Graduation Requirement Task Force – In 2015, the number of credits required to graduate was raised from 22 to 24 credits.  The class of 2021, current sophomores, will be required to have earned 24 credits to graduate.  Although this is an increase of only two credits it will mean a change to the current high school daily schedule to accommodate the additional requirements.  Currently, the four high schools operate on two different daily schedules – two schools with a 3 period day and two schools with 6 period day.  A new schedule will need to be adopted to ensure that students have the opportunity to earn 24 credits.  Parents are encouraged to attend this meeting and learn what daily schedule changes are being discussed, what the financial impact might be, and what factors will be considered when making the decision.

Homework and Tech:  Decoding the Distractions That Hinder Homework Completion5 Homework Strategies in the Digital Age

College and Beyond Resources:   Seattle Times College Guide;   Common Application;    Financial Aid;   Studying for the SATWestern State Tuition Savings ProgramsWA Apprenticeship ProgramsThinking about College LoansDebunking 5 Myths about Financial Aid

Teens and Vaping – Learn more about the increasing use of e-cigarettes among teens.  What do they look like?  What is a Juul?  How do they work?  Follow the link for more information.

SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention Program – Edmonds School District depression awareness and suicide prevention program.

How to talk about depression – Tips on how to deal with depression, talk about it and how to help people who aren’t depressed talk to people who are.

Issues That Matter – Mental Health – Over the past year, Sno-Isle libraries has hosted forums on wide-ranging topics of mental health – from dementia to the most recent forum on teen depression and suicide.  Audio and video from each forum are available on the website.

Parent Resources – Struggling with parenting a teen, technology use or college planning.  Check out these resources for helpful information.

EWHS Daily Announcements

Warrior Word –  EWHS school newspaper – find out what is happening at EWHS

2021 Parents’ Facebook page:  EWHS 2021 Parents – check it out to stay in touch and in the know.

Another way to support EWHS PSO – Go to  Amazon Smile, designate the PSO as your charity and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Edmonds-Woodway High School Parent- Staff Organization.  Set Smile.amazon as your default page, make purchases as usual and start supporting EWHS teachers and students today!

Become a Member:

Every family is a member of the PSO, there are no dues or fees.  In order to receive emails and update, you must officially become a member.  Please fill out the membership form to stay informed – Membership form


Contact us at ewparentstafforg@gmail.com   


Co-PSO Presidents – Tara Denkinger and Beth Sanger;   PSO President Elect – Position Open;  PSO Treasurer – Sheridan Haroian;   PSO Secretary – Debby Fields;    Hospitality – Jennifer Eaton;   Membership – Debby Fields;  Graphic Design – Gretchen Cook;

Tax ID # 91-1190652 

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