Coffee Talk with Principal Larsen

The PSO is proud to host the monthly series, Coffee Talk with Principal Larsen. These are usually  held the first Friday of each month in the school year– 8-8:15am (sometimes moved to the 2nd Friday) via ZOOM (Meeting ID: 835 0543 9935 / Passcode: 935368) and in person at 8:30am in the foyer. All members are welcome. We appreciate your presence and your input.



Video from 5/6/22– passcode: d*@$3OMM

Video from 4/1/22/ passcode: Gt5cpG!U

Video from 3/11/22 / passcode: #hs$TAR1

Video from 2/11/22 / passcode: !24Zu?2E

Video from 11/05/21 / passcode: Hw00X@=? 

Video from 10/8/21 / passcode: $+y#e4s1

Video from 6/11/21 / passcode: 1#qLcHsr

Video from 5/14/21 / passcode: 8Pe?iF9*

Video from 4/16/21 / passcode: ^Hsgw8G

Video from 1/7/21

Video from 11/13/20

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