College Entrance Practice Exams

SAT Full Practice Test – February 2018                                                                                                                                              ACT Full Practice Test – February 2018

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The EWHS PSO and the Princeton Review offer the full-length SAT and ACT practice exams several times a year.  These tests are an opportunity for students to gain experience taking the test, determine which test they may perform best on, and discover their strengths and weaknesses.  The SAT and ACT are an important part of your student’s college application, the practice tests can be a helpful tool in improving their performance on these tests.  It is recommended that students take both practice tests to help decide which test they will concentrate their effort on.  Although the tests are fairly similar, differences in time per question, amount and difficulty of math, etc can influence students’ results.  Taking both tests allows students to compare their experience and decide which test is best for them.  All students, regardless of grade, are welcome to take any of the tests offered.

With the help of the Career Center, we have developed a schedule of tests for the upcoming school year.  Although any student can take the test, we have set the schedule with juniors in mind.  Juniors should consider taking the official test no later than spring of their junior year.  If needed, they can take the official test once more in summer or early fall of their senior year.  This timing allows students to have an idea of what their test score is and if needed, spend some time over the summer studying to retake the exam.  In addition, it allows students to see their score and determine what colleges they should be considering or eliminating from their application pool.  Many years ago the ACT and SAT were somewhat regional, with different regions or colleges preferring one test over the other for admissions.  That is no longer the case and both tests are accepted at all colleges.

We will be offering two practice tests over the course of the year – the full-length SAT and ACT.

  • SAT – The SAT was recently revised.  In March 2016, the old SAT was replaced and the practice test your student takes will be the new revised test.  The new SAT is very similar to the ACT but does contain more math.  Sections include:  Evidence based reading and writing, math and essay* (optional).
  • ACT –  The ACT includes sections on English, math, reading, science, and essay* (optional).

*The essay is optional but it is recommended that all students take the essay portion of the test.  Choosing to not complete the essay portion could limit your options when applying to colleges.  If the college of your choice requires the essay, you will need to sit for the entire exam again – the essay cannot be taken on its own.  The essay portion does not factor into your composite score.

Proposed test dates for 2017-18 school year:

  1. SAT Practice test – October 28, 2017
  2. ACT Practice test – November 18, 2017
  3. SAT Practice test – Feb/Mar 2018
  4. ACT Practice test – Feb/Mar 2018

SAT and ACT Prep Courses at Edmonds Woodway HS                                                                                                        The PSO will be offering both a SAT and an ACT prep course in the spring of 2018.  The courses consist of six 3 hour classes and 4 full practice tests.  The classes are scheduled to end a week before the next official test.  This schedule gives students the opportunity to take the test with the class material fresh in their mind.  It also allows the student to retake the test if needed.                                                                                                                                                        ACT Course Sign-Up           SAT Course Sign-Up

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