Scores Back Session Instructions

Scores Back Session – March 26th, 6:30 pm – EW Library

Within about a week of the practice test, students will be able to access their test score online.  Students should go to Princeton Review and sign in using the email address they used on their test scantron.  If this is their first time accessing practice test scores they will need to create an account with a password.  Please contact Princeton Review if you are unable to access your score.  Seattle Princeton Review

During the Scores Back Session, a representative from Princeton Review will go through the information on the score sheet and explain what the information means and how that information can help improve official test scores.  Useful information regarding interpreting test scores, applying to college and studying for the test is provided.  Parents and students are invited to attend the session.

Scores Back Sessions are held in the EWHS Library.  Please enter through the south main entrance and go to the end of the hallway.  You will pass the great hall and the windows looking out to the courtyard.  The library will be on your left, next to the Career and Counseling office.


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